Musing On Self Publishing

Many of us spend excessive amounts of time reading and engaging with published works focused on the goal of learning and improving our own writing. Combine this with a daily commute, full time jobs, children, partners, animals, multiple external factors and it is truly a matter of luck any of us find the creativity inside us.

In 2012 I was lucky enough to have the time to participate in Nanowrimo. Stubbornness and determination saw me complete the requisite 50,000 words a few days before the end of November. Since then, I have written another 30,000 words and spent an untold number of hours on edits and re-writes. Frustratingly, I am yet to reach a moment where I think ‘yes, this is the final product, I want to promote my work to others‘, however, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The next step for me is deciding on whether I submit to publishers and face rejection or self publish and see what happens. Self promotion is not something I excel at – I would rather be anonymous but if I don’t believe in my work there is slim chance a reader will.  

Every so often I ask Google what options exist for both options. One new article just happened to catch my attention. A short piece on explains that Evernote can now be used to create your book using the other associated DIY tools. I’ll let you read the brief article.

For now, I need to stop procrastinating on what might happen and finish, what I hope will be, the final draft.