Forgotten Bookmarks [via brain pickings]

The joy of Pinterest means when looking for one thing, you frequently stumble across something else far more interesting. This is one of those lucky moments, though it does, some what, burst my bubble when it comes to ideas of being unique.

I love buying second hand books. The condition is one thing I consider but most of the time, I don’t worry too much if the spine is broken or if the cover is falling off. What this equates to, for me, is love rather than carelessness. I like to think the book was so important to someone they took it everywhere. If you could see my Lord of the Rings trilogy, you would know what I mean.

Often times, these books are just as they are. They have passed through many hands and been picked over by many keen eyes and nimble fingers for any ephemera to remain, though not always. It was exciting for me to discover in this post that there are collectors of forgotten bookmarks. Unsurprisingly, Michael Popek, shares this love and has written / curated a book of the items he has found.

You can read the brain pickings article here.


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