Editing through Twitter and Lent

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It is the season of Lent. For Lent, I decided to give up Twitter and with a few human moments of fallibility, I have, so far, achieved my goal. Without the distraction of Twitter, which I am ashamed to admit seems to have taken up literally hours of my day, I have gone back to editing my novel. I have edited pages and pages and feel accomplished – a feeling I never had staring mindlessly at the ideas, thoughts and over shares of some of the accounts I follow. Who knows, perhaps I will even finish the draft I’m working on by Easter, ready for a final read through before the grand reveal!

The prompt for this post, however, is not directly related to the season nor the editing. It is about the meaning of the words “fake” and “symbiosis”.

: attested in London criminal slang as adj. (1775),verb (1812), and noun(1827), but probably older. Likely source is feague “to spruce up by artificial means,”from Ger. fegen “polish, sweep,” also “to clear out, plunder” in colloquial use.

 as a biological term, “mutually beneficial association otwo different organisms,” Given a wider (non-biological)sense by 1921.

The relationship I had formed with Twitter, I realise now, was a fake symbiosis. I wrongly believed that Twitter was as reliant on me for its self actualisation and in return that I needed Twitter to be a valid person. After nine days of being free within my own head, after nine days of creating my own world without the constraints of what my 400+ followers might think has been liberating.

I am not so naive as to say here that I will never look at or use Twitter again. Such a statement is as invalid as a politician swearing never to tell another lie so I won’t go so far. What I need to remember in the future is the clarity of my mind and how rescued I feel.


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