Terrible Book Covers

Back in January I did a post where I mentioned choosing a book by its cover. Without further ado, here are some terrible book covers for your amusement.


Image Source


Image Source


Image Source

The blog post where I found Mr Sweet Potato has many others you might find amusing. I particularly like Gumpy, son of Spunk, Gay Whore and Fluff, Muff and Puff: a magic action book.

A rather unfortunate book title and another reason why punctuation is important kids!
Image Source

Drummer Dick is accompanied by The big colouring in book of vaginas

and Do it yourself coffins

The last few books come from a buzzfeed post and some of the covers are laugh out loud funny.


Image Source

Last but not least, we have My first little boob job, which I really hope is someone creating something to amuse themselves.

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