The Hanged Man by P.N Elrod


 When Macmilan-Tor/Forge gave me advanced approval for their publications on NetGalley I was very excited. Perusing their listings a short time later, I discovered The Hanged Man and proceeded to send it to Kindle. Imagine my surprise when I later discovered this was a preview of the first four chapters. At first I thought I had misread  the website and decided I would give feedback and explain I don’t read exerts. Imagine my further surprise when I read on Goodreads that a few other NetGalley readers had experienced the same thing.

We are all fallible. Perhaps the uploader of the file simply forgot, initially, this one piece of information. Unfortunately, this follows another publisher approving a title that was archived three days before the approval email. This is a bug NetGalley needs to find a means of addressing as it isn’t the first time I’ve had the experience.

As far as The Hanged Man is concerned, I will watch for the full copy to be released and I will read it then.

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