June in Review


June seems to have flown but thanks to social media, I did see the reminder that Christmas is now less than six months away. I’m sure we were all so grateful for that piece of information.

The Farm written by Tom Robb Smith – 5 stars

The Lazarus Prophecy written by F.G.Cottam – 2 stars

The Hollow Crown written by Dan Jones – 4 stars

Dear Committee Members written by Julie Schumacher – 3 stars

NOS4A2 written by Joe Hill – 5 stars – Hill has definitely inherited his parents gift for writing! I finished NOS4A2 nearly a week ago and yet elements of it are still popping into my head during mundane activities and in dreams. Hill and King mess with your head and I, like many, come back willingly for more.

Station Eleven written by Emily St. John Mandel – 5 stars – If there is any joy to come from a horrible summer cold, it has to be having the time to read a book in a single sitting. Station Eleven is fantastic. The swoops, links and the seamless plotting are amazing! The writing is so precise the story flows effortlessly and proves that writers do not need to produce massive tomes to tell a complete story. I highly recommend this novel.

Average star rating for June – 4
Goal for July – more books written by women (currently reading books by Alice Roberts, Kate Morton and Esther Freud).

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