Around the Books

The tube strike in London has severely eaten into my commuter reading time (not to mention my purse) in the last two days. Three hours of reading, gone. It may not seem a lot of time these hours were filled by mindless internet searches and longer time in the office. Adding insult to injury, I received an email this morning reminding me (one of) my books is due back in three days time. Hopefully a simple re-borrow will solve this. The book I refer to is The Skeleton Cupboard: The Making of a Clinical Psychologist.


After only 50 pages I am really impressed. I was so absorbed in the text I nearly missed my station. Byron tells the reader, This is the story of my training (5) after opening with, I first became fascinated by the frontal lobes of the human brain when I saw my grandmother’s sprayed across the baseboards of her dark and cluttered house. I was fifteen (1).

I can’t wait to get back within the pages and see what else is in store.

In wandering aimlessly around the internet, I stumbled across an interesting site that I want to look at in more detail. In the meantime, gentle reader, perhaps you would like to have a look at The Novel Cure and see what ailments it could cure you of.

The final link I want to share today, is to The Guardian’s exclusive access to Harper Lee’s Go Set A Watchman. You can read the first chapter here.

harper lee

I’ve read it but it doesn’t feel right. I don’t know what it is but most likely, my attachment to To Kill A Mockingbird is clouding my mind. Perhaps I will read the whole thing, perhaps I won’t. No doubt there will be plenty of opinion on the full text soon enough.


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