The Deep written by Nick Cutter [Review]

The Deep Nick Cutter


Title: The Deep
Author: Nick Cutter
Publisher: Headline
Date of Publication: 13 January 2015
Number of Pages: 394
Genre: General Fiction (Adult)

Rating: 4 stars

Disclaimer: Copy provided free by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Summary:  A plague is destroying the world’s population. The ‘Gets makes people forget. First it’s the small things, like where you left your keys … then the not-so-small things, like how to drive. And finally your body forgets how to live.

But now an unknown substance with extraordinary power to heal has been discovered in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. Nicknamed ambrosia, it might just be the miracle cure the world has been praying for.

A research lab has been established eight miles below the sea’s surface, but all contact with the team has been lost. Dr Luke Nelson’s brother is down there and as desperation for a cure outweighs common sense, he agrees to descend through the lightless fathoms … perhaps to face an evil blacker than anything he could have imagined.

 This is incredible! I almost don’t know where to start nor how to review without spoiling anything. This is old school horror and relies on the real tricks of memory, light, sound etc to achieve the creeping effect. The noises you hear in the darkness that convince you of a cockroach or a mouse. The noises you hear that remind you of something terrible. The glimpse of something moving. The memories of the things that scared you as a child. If you allow yourself to remember all these visceral elements, you will get the most out of this novel.

At the 80% mark I was starting to wonder how Cutter would wrap up this novel. I won’t reveal anything but I was satisfied.

I would recommend this to horror lovers, people who have mild claustrophobia or don’t like water.

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