Best Non Fiction – Sarah Helm




To be eligible for any of my categories, the book had to have been read during 2016. The only criteria is what I thought of it. There are 50 books, of various genres, and I think making the decision between a few of them, in a couple of categories, will be quite challenging.

Best Non-Fiction


Non-Fiction is the wrong category for this book, in hind site.

I should have said best autobiography because Haig takes us into his life and shares part of his soul. Most of us, i.e. me, are terrified of being this open but I’m grateful he is. I spent so much time nodding in agreement and feeling stunned that what goes on in my head goes on in the heads of others.

It’s very true. We need to talk about what effects us. Until we admit we need help everything is going to stay the same.

I am so glad I read this book and I am so glad Matt was here to write it in the first place.