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My Year In Books 2015

With no shame, I have used the infographic created by Goodreads for this post.


August in Review

Esther Freud, Kate Morton, Jen Campbell, Laline Paull, Rachel Urquhart

August picked up the reading tally and for the most part, all five were highly enjoyable. Kate Morton and Laline Paull are two authors I will be returning to in the future.

Mr Mac and Me written by Esther Freud – 3 stars
The Forgotten Garden written by Kate Morton – 5 stars – a lot of the online reviews I’ve found for this book are quite negative. While some of the flaws they point out are accurate, for me, however, I could overlook all of these because I know Paddington, Maryborough and London. Two of these three I have lived in and the other I have visited. Morton’s descriptions made me homesick quite a few times.
The Bookshop Book written by Jen Campbell – 3 stars
The Bees written by Laline Paull – 5 stars
The Visionist written by Rachel Urquhart – 2 stars

August Average = 3.6 stars