“I barely knew I had skin before I met you.”

My current read is Sarah Waters’ The Paying Guests. I don’t want to go into much detail as I will review the finished book in about a week or so. The element I do want to share is the way my imagination is seeing Frances and Lilian. The first image is how I imagine them dressed to go to the birthday of Lilian’s sister.

Image Source

The next question is one I like to ask quite frequently. Who would I cast as the various characters?

Emily Beecham as Lilian Barber
emily beecham
Photo Credit to West Block Studio via Twitter

Jodie Whittaker as Frances Wray

Image Source

He might be a bit baby-faced but William Moseley could still pull be Lenoard Barber
Image Source

And as Frances’ mother, Jane How.
I can see a likeness at work here. Image Source

I’m only 47% through the book so undoubtedly, there are characters I’m still to meet. It has been quite an interesting time finding the faces that fit my imagination.

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